Quality of work and client satisfaction are our top priorities, and we achieve excellence by proudly employing the most skilled professionals…


Our process begins with an on-site home consultation. One of our experienced Landscape Foremen will discuss layout designs and construction ideas with you.

This initial introduction enables us to better understand your specifications and visualizations, and create the desired landscape concept for you.
Depending on the complexity of the project, one of our skilled designers will make an in-home visit and develop a preliminary concept.

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Designs and plans are then finalized with the client. More complex and large-scale site development projects that involve swimming pools, large retaining walls, extensive gardening, or the utilization of custom structures may require several meetings with the client.

Additionally, large scale projects may also require building permits. Smaller and less complex projects that do not require permits are often finalized in as little as two meetings.

A finished detailed construction drawing is created that clearly illustrates all landscape features that will then be developed. A detailed itemized costing list is then provided for each and every landscape construction item.

Once the design plans are finalized and a construction contract is agreed upon, construction schedules are set. Construction progresses at a steady uninterrupted pace until the project is complete. All work is conducted by professionals, and we welcome regular and close inspections by the home owner to ensure that plans and designs are being carried out to the finest details.


We do What it takes to satisfy our customers. We’re not done ’til it’s done.

We are innovative.We constantly improve, we learn and gain feedback to better serve our customers.

We Listen for the vision and inspiration and contribute to fulfilling the dream.

We Give and keep our word. Being accountable.

We collaborate with our clients, you become a part of our team. We create synergies in our efforts.

Weddings at Jhalobia are second to none. You find nature in its purest form, the organization and decoration is extremely fantastic and the management lovely. The garden matches with the best parks in UK/USA. In all ramification, it stands out; simply the best around!!! Its real value for money!!!!
Ife and Ade
We are really happy we chose Jhalobia, the place looked absolutely fabulous as the pictures came out beautifully. I will definitely recommend the venue to everyone. it’s definitely worth it.
Ayo & Moyo