Events Planning and Decoration

This dates back to the early 1980’s, the natural creativity of the managing director Mrs. Adepoju and the two directors Ifuemi and Ameto gave rise to this arm of the company. A demand for their services in this respect was inspired by the way they individually decorate their living spaces at their various Universities as students and the house of the managing director. Neighbours and friends were very much impressed and requested the trio to carry out make-over for them for their homes and events. This was the advent of Jhalobia decoration department. This skill grew with practice, reading and attending many decoration shows within and outside Nigeria. Today, it has enjoyed patronage in decorating wedding venues for some Nigeria first families, birthday party venues for some leading names in Nigeria’s military political, social and business circles.
With the creating of Jhalobia Park, venue decorating became a highlight of Jhalobia as greater opportunities arose for regular decorating of clients’ events.

Jhalobia event managers are a team of dedicated in-house event planners. All about your event is professionally taken care of to the finest detail. The canopies when they are to be used are set in-between the greens and flowers of the garden. The in-house event planners include decorators who strive for perfection and flexibility to meet particular clients’ tastes and budgets. Whatever the budget is, finesse, style, substance and details are impeccably entwined to give an awesomely decorated effect from the podium where the celebrants sit to the farthest part occupied by the guests. No event is too small or too big, we take each even with a personal touch and we strive for perfection in all that we do. There are uniformed and plain clothes security operatives during events.