Hitherto gardening has been a hobby of the managing director. Her gardening assumed a greater height because of her desire to affect other people’s lives. In 1981, Mrs. V.A. Adepoju held an exhibition of plants and gardening ideas in Benin City. The theme of the exhibition was, “You and the world of plants”. The prompting of the exhibition was to share with others, women in particular, the beauty and the therapeutic effect of gardening in the mind.

The highlight of the exhibition was a poem written by Mrs. Adepoju titled,, “The gardeners creed” to reflect her passion for plants. The exhibition received the great patronage form the Bendel State Government and was a great success. The demand for plants in Benin City became high, this high demand lead to the setting up of a commercial garden in 1982 named Jhalobia Flower Garden located at Ekenwan Road, Benin City.
Mrs. Adepoju, Jhalobia as she became known was able to galvanize plant lovers to form the Bendel State Horticultural Society in 1983 and was its first secretary for three years. In her tenure as the secretary for this society, she popularized gardens and gardening in the City of Benin and other big cities of the defunct Bendel State by the society undertaking to re-do the Benin ring-road roundabout, the Oba’s palace and other public places.

The stimulus in Benin City was what led a Local Government Administrator, Col. Ukor Osifor to introduce compulsory planting of flowers in front of houses by house owners. A particular plant which everybody easily planted in their premises, to comply with the government order became nicknamed “Ukor Usifo Plant”.
In recognition of the feat achieved by Jhalobia gardens, the Lagos State horticultural society in 1986 invited Jhalobia as a guest participant to their second annual exhibition.

In 1993, Mrs. V.A. Adepoju moved Jhalobia flower garden form Benin City to Muritala Muhammed International Airport Road, Lagos, where it presently occupies.
In Lagos, Jhalobia garden became a benchmark for other commercial gardeners to reorganize their gardes in imitation of aesthetic effect of formal arrangements of plants for sale and landscape artistry in commercial gardens.

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