Garden Sales Department

In the sales department we have for sale; plants, tropical-cut-flowers, tools and gardening equipment. Jhalobia has an extensive farm with a wide range of garden plants for sale and use for our landscaping jobs. The plants range from simple ficus nitida for edging to the most sophisticated shrubs, trees like the Araucaria used for focal points and flowering shade trees. The palms are of various types, the most common golden palm to the exotic lipstick palms, bottle palms, and others whose species are rare to find. Apart from the simple growing of plants is the culturing of plants to large topiaries of different sizes and shapes of interesting designs.

Tropical Cut-Flowers

Special emphasis became placed on tropical flower farming with the ban on importation of cut-flowers by the Obasanjo administration during his second term. Our tropical cut-flowers range from all the species of heliconia, including the Wagneria, ginger-lily in two colours, musa in three colours, porcelain roses in two colours, anthuriums, Mc mais daisies, gebra and others. The cut-flowers are bought wholesales by those re-selling or by individuals for commercial decorating, bouquet presentation or private homes decorations. Jhalobia uses the flowers for her venue decorations or for clients’ order of bouquets, wreaths, gifts and arrangements for the homes or offices.

Garden Tools and Equipments:

Our sales department is stocked with the regular wide range of garden tools and equipment e.g. lawn mowers, trimming sheers, secateurs, spades (shovels), garden forks, hand trowels, hoes, rakes, baskets, pruning scissors, knives cutlasses, watering-cans, water sprinklers, fumigating machines, garden gloves, hammers, lines or strings. We have in stock topiary props for different garden forms e.g. pergolas (arches), arbours, animal forms etc.

We stock insecticides and fungicides for plant care, fertilizers – both chemical and farmyard. Composts are also available in small size bags as well as in truck – loads.

In addition to the above, we have both locally made and imported garden furniture.