Jhalobia Clubs

To achieve the objectives of creating Jhalobia Recreation Park and gardens, we run programmes to bring about a turn-around for a better society socially. The programmes are aimed at replanting in our people what gains there are in the nuclear family harmony and cohesion, proper up-bringing of our children and exploration of simple ways of achieving real joy in living.

To run the programmes people are formed into different classes of social, economic, interest and age groups which are labeled as clubs. These clubs among others include: the toddlers’, the teenagers’, the adolescent’, the young singles’ the older singles’, the young couples’, the older couple’, the professional’, the senior citizens’, the widow / widowers’,, the clergies’, the traders’, clubs etc.

Activities will seek to create stress-free life, to educate both the young and old on how to get the best for our children and their parents. The clubs are to seek the ways to fulfill the great and urgent need to organize social outlets for our children whose growth in the academic sphere has risen astronomically since the last two or three decades at the detriment of social growth.

For our parents and grand-parents, the programmes, apart from creating a stress-fress living, will serve as an eye-opener that the parents are responsible for the depravity among the youth. The programmes will guide the parents to seek the ways of achieving corrections.