Plants and Tropical Cut-Flowers

Our use of plants are dictated not only by the location of the garden, but also by particular themes we seek to portray and also by the clients budget. We use exotic plants like, the cycas, lipstick (cyrtostachys/ sealing wax) and bottle palms, buccania etc. flowering/none flowering shade plants and common/simple plants like the acalypha as spot plants or yellow ficus for hedging.

Cut Flowers

Special emphasis became placed on tropical flower farming with the ban on importation of cut-flowers by the Obasanjo administration during his second term. Our tropical cut-flowers range from all the species of heliconia, including the Wagneria, ginger-lily in two colours, musa in three colours, porcelain roses in two colours, anthuriums, Mc mais daisies, gebra and others. The cut-flowers are bought wholesales by those re-selling or by individuals for commercial decorating, bouquet presentation or private homes decorations. Jhalobia uses the flowers for her venue decorations or for clients’ order of bouquets, wreaths, gifts and arrangements for the homes or offices.